What are Themes?

Themes can cover many different use cases for grouping Content Items:

  • Products, sub-products, features, solutions

  • Benefits

  • Objectives (both corporate and customer)

  • Challenges, Needs

  • Market, Industry

  • Channel-specific

  • Series

Organizing your content by Themes and sub-Themes can be a key leg of your content marketing strategy stool. 

How to add Themes within your account?

Follow these steps to add Themes within your Mintent account:
(Note: You will need to have permissions to edit Fields in order to complete these steps)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Themes

  2. Click Create to add a Theme. Fill out the Name, Parent (If Applicable) and Description.

Follow these steps to remove Themes from your Mintent account:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Themes

  2. Select the Themes you would like to remove and click Delete, 

  3. Click Yes to Confirm the removal of the Theme(s) from your account. 

Note: The Field name Themes can be renamed in the Field Editor. 

Why should you use Themes?

Creating meaningful Themes will enable you to not only plan aligned content, but also audit your existing content in a logical way. Themes become Tags in the Mintent system, which can be used to qualify and instruct on:

  • Ideas

  • Content Items

  • Content composition and performance tracking

  • Themes and sub-themes form a key way to filter content in your Editorial Calendar and Content Inventory List view.

  • Need help getting started strategically planning and organizing your existing  content by Themes? Contact Support and we will be happy to assist.

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