Workflows can be set to stretch on the Calendar between Start and Target Due dates. This is useful for Events, Campaigns and other Content Types, which take place over a number of days rather than simply being completed on a single day. 

How to enable Stretch Event?

  1. Navigate to a Settings>Workflow or Edit an active Workflow.

  2. Select the Workflow you want to stretch or create a new Workflow.

  3. Switch the Stretch Event toggle On.

  4. Move Workflow Stages, as needed, to correspond with your Start and Target Due dates.

  5. Save Changes if in Ad-hoc Editor.

  6. Navigate to the Calendar to ensure your stretch event covers the desired days.

The Stretch Event option can be turned on or off through the Ad-hoc Workflow Editor and the Workflow Editor

Contact if you require any help setting up a stretch event Workflow.

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