Once a calendar item is created you have multiple options to manage it's lifecycle:

  • Repeat this item (You have the option to repeat daily or weekly to manage recurring items that won't change week-over-week)
  • Move to Production (This essentially starts the workflow process)
  • Move to Archive (This is a soft delete—It'll still be accessible, but removed from the calendar)
  • Move to Backburner (The item is no longer needed at this time, but you don't want to lose any data you've already input)
  • Move Item to Ideas (This pushes the calendar item to the ideas section)
  • Move Item to Request (This is the pre-approval stage, removing it from the calendar)

Repeating an item

Clicking Repeat this item will provide a pop up with the following view. This view allows you to repeat an item weekly or daily, monthly and more. Select the date the repeat occurrence is set to start and click create items. 

All content brief attributes, and attachments will be copied over

Anything in the Draft Section or associated workflow dates will not be copied over. 

Completing a Calendar Item

You can either complete a Calendar Item by forcing it to be complete or by completing the stages in the workflow to the final stage.

There are two ways to forcibly mark a Calendar Item 'complete':

Marking a Calendar Item complete will skip the workflow stages of the item and mark an item as completed.

  1. In the list view under ACTIONS

2.  In the DETAILS of a Calendar Item

Completing the workflow naturally: 

(If a Calendar Item goes through each stage individually, the workflow will consist of a checkmark: 

When stages are skipped and the workflow is 'forced' to complete, the Editorial Calendar will present this Calendar Item with an ORANGE check mark. Whereas a Calendar Item that goes through the normal approval process in each stage will get marked with a GREEN check mark when completed.

Orange Check Mark

Green Check Mark

Move to Archive

This item will move content item to the Archive. Moving an item to Archive will remove the item from the Editorial Calendar view but not delete it. It will still be accessible through In-Production under the Calendar tab in the navigation.

Move to Backburner

This item will move content item to a backlogged state. It will remove it from the calendar, but still be accessible via In-Production under the Calendar tab in the navigation. 

Move Item to Request 

Moving an item to Request will move the item from it's current workflow and bump it back to a pre-approval stage. 

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