Each Workflow Stage has a date associated with it. These become Tasks assigned to each individual within the Stage. 

You can access the Task List via Tasks in the main navigationn to view the Content Items assigned to you and the current Stages each items are in. 

Your list can the be filtered based on Items To Do, Created by You, Followed by You, Owned by You or Completed by You.

To Do: These are all items assigned to you. If a stage is assigned to you and you complete that stage this will no longer show up in the To Do view. If the same item is assigned to you at a later date the item will show up in this view again.
Created: These are all items you have created.
Following: These are items that you have been included in the comments section.
Owned: These are items that you are an owner of. This could be included in
Completed: These are items you have marked complete. 

Here's an example of personal Tasks:

You can leverage Filters in the Task List view to focus on specific Campaigns, Priorities, Topics or any other relevant Fields or statuses associated with your Content Items. 

Depending on your level of access, you can also filter and select other Users or Teams to see the status of their tasks relative to yours.

Have any questions or need help with the Task List, please reach out to support@getmintent.com or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

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