My Tasks and Team Tasks 

Your individual tasks (My Tasks)

Each stage has a date associated with it. These become tasks assigned to each individual within that stage. 

You can access My Tasks by clicking on the List > My Tasks to view the content items assigned to you across all items and what stage they're in for your own personal outstanding tasks. 

The outstanding to-do's will appear in a list.

There are other sections in the My Tasks such as Created, Following, Owned, and Completed. Here's an explanation of these sections:

Created: These are items you've created.
Following: These are items you're following in the comment section
Owned: These are items you're the owner of.
Completed: These are items you've completed. 

You can leverage the filtering in the My Tasks view to focus on Priorities, Topics, Campaigns or any other effort. 

You can also select other users to see what their tasks might be and how they're incorporated with your projects and tasks.

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