Ad hoc and Saved Filters provide a great way for teams to organize and manage their content campaigns. Filters are fully customizable and can be set up for use across Calendar, List, Task and Asset Library views. Filters can also be shared with other members of your team for quick access and collaboration.

Follow the steps below to get started with Filters

Step 1

To create a Filter within the Calendar view, click on the Filters button in the top right above the Calendar.

Step 2

Here you will see a list of Saved Filters and all of the Creative Brief Fields and Content Item statuses you can use to create new ad hoc or saved Filters. 

In the example below, you can see the Content Type drop down via which you can select All or a specific Content Type value to filter on.  

Step 3 (Include or Exclude)


If you single click a Field value, this will select the field and display a + sign next to it. This will only display Content Items, which include the selected Field value(s).


If you double click a Field value, this will display a - sign next to it. This will exclude any Items with the Field value(s) selected.

For example, if you double click on the "Blog" Content Type it will show all items, except for those tagged as Blogs. 

If you click a third time on a Field value(s), this will clear the Filter. 

Step 4 - Saved Filters

You can create Saved Filters, which you can recall and apply to your Calendar or other views in the future. To create a Saved Filter, enter a Name for your Saved Filter and click the Save button, which will add the current configuration to your list of Saved Filters. 

Saved Filter Permissions

Saved Filters can be shared within your team. Once you have selected a Saved Filter you can set permissions for who can view and edit the Saved Filter. Select Users who you would like to have permissions applied to.  

Saved Filter View

Once you create an ad hoc Filter or select a Saved Filter, the Filter name will appear under the Calendar Name along with the specific Filter values chosen. 

Deleting a Saved Filter

If there is a Saved Filter you would like to remove, select it and scroll to the bottom of the permissions section. Click Delete Saved Filter. 

Note: This cannot be undone. You will need to recreate it if deleted by mistake. 

Renaming a Saved Filter

Saved Filters can be renamed, if necessary. Select the Saved Filter you would like to rename. Scroll up to the name, edit the name and click Save to apply your changes. 

If you want to create an edited copy of a Saved Filter, choose the desired Saved Filter, make your edits to Field values, changed the Saved Filter Name and click Save As New

Need help or have any questions about how to best configure your Filters or Saved Filters? Please reach out to or click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

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