Workflow forms enable authorized users to capture greater detail in their Creative Brief via categorized Fields and also display progress with regard to how many Fields have been completed within the context of a Workflow.  

To access Workflow Forms navigate to Settings > Forms.

Workflow Forms are effectively additional Creative Brief Fields mapped to specific Workflows. 

Here is an example: 

In the above example, we have the Blog Post Workflow, which has two associated Forms labeled Art & Visual and Technical Details. These Forms will be additional sections within a Creative Brief for a Blog Post Content Type. 

In the Art & Visual Form, there is a pencil icon, which enables you to add an associated Field type. 

You can see an image (Mintent logo) was attached to this Art & Visual Form. This is a helpful way to store important information associated with a particular Stage of a Workflow for a specific Content Type. 

When you save this Field type and create a new Content Type with the Blog Post Workflow you will then see this new Field populated in the Creative Brief. This will be a new section referencing the entered information. 

You will also note in the above example the Art & Visual Form has been broken down to sub-sections in the Creative Brief. In addition, there's the Required, Conditional and Optional Fields in their own (Main) section of the Brief.

Contact or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app if you'd like to discuss how to use or configure this powerful feature for advanced Creative Brief management.

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