How to Use the PDF Mark-Up

The PDF Mock-Up helps streamline the content creation process by attaching PDFs in Mintent. Make comments to those PDFs while leveraging approvals and workflows

To access the PDF, follow these 3 steps.

Step 1:  Click on an item 

Step 2: Click on Attachments

Step 3: Once you click on attachments, click on the magnifying glass (theicon in red), this will help prompt the PDF Mock-Up feature

How to Use the PDF Mark-Up

  • You can create a comment by highlighting an area of the page.
  • Once you highlight the area, leave your suggestions and save them, you can go back to them and remove them.
  • You can navigate between pages using the arrow keys highlighted in red.
  • You can reply to comments, and resolve comments. Resolved comments will still be available for viewing, but you cannot un-resolve a comment. 

Zoom in and Zoom Out

Each PDF will have the ability to zoom in and zoom out of the attachment by using the scroller. 


Each PDF will have ability to move around the attachment with the arrows. 

Indication on Comments

If there are comments made in a page there will be a number associated with that page indicating how many comments have been made towards that page. This number does not include resolved comments. 

Reply and Resolve Comments

You can resolve comments on various PDFs. This is when a conversation regarding a mark up is done you can mark these resolved. 

You can find these resolved comments on the left hand side.

See Last Markups in the Comment Feed

The last mark up that is made to a PDF, will be visible in the comments section. If you click on the link, this will take you directly to the mark up. 

Pages Bar Collapsable

Click the purple bar to open/collapse the thumbnails. 

Quick Tip Help

If you highlight a "?" you'll see a quick tip help tool. 

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