How to Use the Field Editor

The Fields Editor is where you can create your creative brief and customize Mintent to your team's content strategy. Team can create templates for different content types maximizing the creative brief and ensuring everything is tracked, planned and reported on.

1. Accessing the (Creative Brief) Fields Editor

Click on the Gear Icon 

Click on Fields Editor 

2. Creating a new field 

Click on “Add a New Field”, name the field, save it and then add options

3. Choose between the different types 

Select the different option types

Text Input: A Single line item
: Select one filter option
Create ad-hoc filters
Create a number that’s tied to the item
Text Area:
A body of text
Select multiple filter options
Select a calendar date
A Placeholder for information

Choose between Required or Conditional Fields:

This is how you can create templates for your creative brief. For each field you are on you can select if the field is Conditional. 

c) If conditional, select which content type it would appear on. This is how you can start building out different creative briefs for different content types. 

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