The Fields Editor enables you to build your own custom Creative Brief to suit your team's varied Content Types and needs. You can create templates for different Content Types incorporating required, conditional and optional Fields to ensure everything is effectively planned, managed, tracked and reported on. 

Accessing the Fields Editor

Navigate to Settings > Fields

Create a New Field

  1. Click on “Add New Field”

  2. Give the Field a name

  3. Click Enter

Choose a Field Type

Select an appropriate type to capture the data you require. 

Text Input: A single line item
: Select one Field option/value
Used to create ad hoc Filters in the Calendar, List and Tasks  
Add an incremental number to each Content Item for reference
Text Area:
A body of text
Select multiple Field options/values
Select a calendar date
A placeholder for reference information

Choose between Required or Conditional Fields:

Use Required or Conditional Fields to create templates for different Content Types.  

If Conditional, select which Content Type(s) the Field is to be displayed for. 

Note: If a field is not Required or Conditional it is set as Optional in the Creative Brief for all Content Types. 

Change Field Order

You can change the order in which Fields appear in a Creative Brief by clicking the menu icon and dragging them to your desired location.

Note: Title, Content Type and Target Due Date system Fields will not appear below Conditional or Optional Fields.

Contact or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app if you require any assistance setting up Fields or your Creative Briefs.

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