Click on your name with the orange highlighted number next to it in the top right of the screen and then click on Notifications. The number indicates how many unread Notifications you currently have.

Here you will see a list of all Notifications on Content Items you are assigned to or follow.

Note: Bold text indicates a Notification is unread.

Notification Actions

Refresh: Click to refresh all Notifications. This is useful if any new Notifications have arrived since you first loaded the page. Some busier customers choose to keep a separate browser open to monitor all of the Notifications they receive.
Delete Notification(s): Select the Notification(s) you wish to remove and click Delete to permanently remove them.
Mark Read: Select any Notification(s) you want to mark as read and click Mark as Read.
Mark as Unread: Select any Notification(s) you want to mark as unread (reset to Bold text).
To manage the types of notifications you receive, go to Notifications Preferences under your Personal Profile Settings. 

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