How to Edit Roles and Permissions

To create roles and edit permissions you'll want to access the Role Settings. 

Click on Settings → Role Settings.

Once you access the User Roles, you'll see here there's the following information:

  • Delete: Allows you to permanently delete the role.
  • Add New Role: Allows you to create a new role in Mintent.
  • Archived Roles: Allows you remove active Roles (you can hide roles that you might need for a later date).

How To Edit Permissions

If you click on View/Edit next to the role you'd like to edit you will be prompted to the Edit User Role dashboard where you can customize the Permissions

Once you select the permissions you can select Save, to save the changes in Mintent. Once you've made the changes you can go back to the User Roles screen. 

Here's a list of the various user permissions and their descriptions

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