Calendar vs. List View

You can toggle between a calendar view or list view by clicking on the calendar/list icons situated in the upper left.

List view benefits

List view is great for quickly scanning content items that might be missing important information such as associated personas. 

You can sort by header name to sort alphabetically, by a specific person, or by attribute. 

You're also able to bulk delete, or action any content item that's upcoming. This is handy if for example a content item is no longer needed. Without going into the content item, the list view helps with managing actions that need to be taken on your content. 

Calendar view benefits

The calendar view, since it's colour-coded, allows for easily scanning where your team is spending efforts across the month.

Updating target due dates: You can also drag and drop items on the calendar view to change the target publish date. Simply click and hold, dragging the content item across dates.

Quickly view more about a content item: By hovering over any content item, you're able to get more information about the title, content type, and any themes associated with that content item. 

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