Calendar view or List view

You can toggle between a Calendar view or List view by clicking on the Calendar/List icons or navigating to either via navigation. 

Calendar view benefits

The colour coded Calendar view enables quick filtered visualization of where teams and users are focusing their efforts within a chosen time period.

You can drag and drop a Content Item within the Calendar to change its Target Due Date. 

Hover over any Content Item, to get a quick snapshot of its Title, Content Type, Current Stage and associated Theme(s). 

List view benefits

The List view is able to display all or a filtered segment of the Content Items within your account. For example, you may want to review all Content Items in a specific Campaign. This view can be customized by adding or removing columns. It can also be sorted alphabetically or by date via the column headers. List view is great for quickly scanning and updating Content Items, which might be missing important Field values.

You are further able to bulk delete or quickly take action on multiple related Content Items from within the List view. 

Use the Export button in either the Calendar or List view to download a .CSV file of the current month's Content Items (Note: This will include any Backburnered or Archived Items, not visible in either view.)


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