Workflow Stages help you stay on track with approvals and due dates of Content Items. You can see the current active Workflow Stages in the top right hand corner of the Creative Brief or access the full Workflow in the Workflow section. Each Stage can have pre-set assignees and Stage durations, which can be configured by an authorized user in Settings via the Workflow Editor. Ad hoc Workflow changes can also be made should the workflow requirements of a piece of content change.

Accessing a Workflow

You can view workflow through a Content Item's navigation or by clicking the View Workflow button.

Transitioning between Stages

Click on Start Workflow to start the Workflow. This will display a transition modal window where you can assign/adjust users and add comments for users in the first Stage. Users who are assigned to the first Stage will receive a notification (provided they have opted in via their Notification Preferences) and comments will be recorded in the activity log. Click Submit to confirm the transition. 

Alternatively, if you need to skip a stage or multiple stages you can click Skip to this Stage to go directly there. This will skip over all stages before it and you must confirm this action. Note: It is recommended all Content Item assignees be made aware of your intention to skip stages before doing so. 

If you need to move backwards through a Workflow to a previous Stage, you can Skip to this Stage to move directly or you can Request Revisions if the previous Stage was a Working Stage and requires changes. 

If a Workflow has been completed, you can also start the Workflow over again by skipping to the start and re-starting the Workflow. Note: Please be sure this is a necessary action before re-starting a Workflow.

Editing a Stage
You can edit a Workflow Stage by clicking the edit icon within the Stage next to the due date. Here you can change the Stage Due Date, assignees and/or add comments. 

Note: If you change the due date of a stage, subsequent due date stages will change if your due dates are linked.


When transitioning from or editing a Workflow stage you can add comments, which will appear both in the Stage as a threaded conversation and in the Comments section of the Content Item. Each comment will reference the Stage it is associated with and when it was made.

Other Workflow Resources

Please reach out to or click the chat icon in bottom right hand corner of the app if you have any Workflow-related questions.

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