Workflow Forms enable users to capture greater detail in Creative Briefs. 

Workflow Forms offer additional Creative Brief Fields, which can be mapped to specific Workflows and in turn, specific Content Types. To learn more about Workflow Forms and see an example, view this article on How to use Workflow Forms

Adding Forms

  1. Navigate to Settings > Forms.

  2. Select the Workflow you would like the Form to be associated with.

  3. Click Add New Form.

  4. Give the Form a name. (e.g. Email Form) and click Enter to confirm.

  5. Click Add New Field to add a Field to the Form.

  6. Give the Field a name and click Enter to confirm.

  7. Select a Type for the Field and click Enter to confirm.

  8. Configure the Field by filling in the placeholder and info as need, and select if Field is Required. 

  9. Repeat the above process until all necessary Fields have been added to your Form.

  10. Click Save.

After you save the Form, create a new Content Item (with the Content Type associated with the Workflow you selected when creating the Form). The Form will appear on the left side of the screen, as shown below. 

Adding an existing Form to a Workflow

If you've created a Form in the past, you can reuse this Form and apply it to another Workflow. Simply select the Workflow and then Click Add Existing Form to select a Form.

Editing an Existing Form

If you would like to change an existing Form, click on the Edit button of the Form you would like to change, at which point you'll be redirected to the Form Field Editor screen.

If you click on the pencil icon beside the Form name, you'll be able to change the name of the Form.  

You can Delete a Form by clicking on the Delete button in the top right of the Form Field Editor screen.

Reordering Forms and Form Fields

Forms and Form Fields can be reordered by clicking and dragging them up or down to reorder the list. 

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