How to Edit Workflow Forms

The workflow forms enables marketers to capture greater detail to the creative brief

The workflow forms are additional creative brief fields that are mapped to specific workflows. To learn more about Workflow Forms example visit our article on How to Use Workflow Forms

Editing Forms

Once you're in the Workflow Forms you'll see there's the drop down on the workflow types in the below example there's Long Form Workflow. 

There's the option to Add New Form or Add Existing Forms. You'll see in the below example there's the 'Field Example One'

Click on Field Example One this will prompt you to a familiar view, the Fields Editor view.

This is where you can customize the field for this particular form on this workflow. 

Add a New Field to the Field Example One, such as 'Brand'. 

Then select the Field Type such as 'Single Select' and add options such as Brand Option 1 and Brand Option 2

Once you save this to the Long form workflow, when you create an item the new section will show up in the Creative Brief:

Add Existing Form

If you've created a form in the past, you can reuse this form to another workflow. 

Edit an Existing Form

If you would like to change an existing form, click on the Edit button (the pencil icon) of the form you would like to change:

Once you click on Edit, you'll be prompted to the field editor screen. 

If you click on the pencil icon here, you'll be able to change the name of the form field. 

You can delete a form by clicking on the trash icon.

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