Exporting or sharing your Content Items via a URL is a great way to enable others in your team to keep up with the status and/or volume of projects you are working on.

Exporting in CSV format

When you export the Content Items or Requests in CSV format, each Creative Brief Field along with Stage, Status and User info will become a column. CSVs can be opened with spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or Numbers on a Mac. A CSV can be exported from either the Calendar or List view.

Click the Export button to export the current view of Content or Requests as a CSV. 

Exporting in PDF format

Exporting Content Items or Requests to a PDF can only be done via Saved Filters in the Calendar view. To do so, select a Saved Filter from Filters and then click the Export button. Click on Export PDF

When you export your Content Items/Calendar as a PDF, it will display two months - the current month and the following month. 

Share URL

When you have a Saved Filter selected you can also choose to share a URL to any other Mintent user with access to your account to view the Calendar under the same Saved Filter. 

Select a Saved Filter and then click Export button. Click the Copy button beside the URL and share it with whichever authorized users you wish.


Need help exporting or sharing your Content Items or Calendar view? Email support@getmintent.com or click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app to ask any questions.

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