A Content Usage Report can be easily configured and used to track the progress of your team's and/or organization's content production progress for a selected time period.

To begin, navigate to Reports > Content Usage

Fill out the following fields: 

  • Report Name: This is the name of the report you want to create.

  • Report Recipient: The recipient is the email address your report will be sent to. (Note: You are currently able to only send a report to one user at a time (e.g. yourself).

  • Date Format: You can choose whatever date format you prefer.

  • From: Select the beginning Target Due Date of Content Items you want to report on.

  • To: Select the end Target Due Date of Content Items you want to report on.

  • Organizations: Select which accounts you would like to include in the report. 

  • Workflows: Specify which Workflows you would like included in your report. All Workflows are selected by Default.

  • Fields: Choose which fields you would like to report on. These fields include significant dates and workflow configurations associated with Content Items e.g. Creation Date, Current Stage Due Date, Stage Assignees

  • Arrange Columns: Drag and drop the columns to rearrange them to your preferred order in the .CSV export. 

  • Export Type: You can choose to run a report on Content Items, Requests or Ideas.

Click "Download Report" after you have selected all of your desired fields and a .CSV export will be emailed to your shortly thereafter. 

Content Usage Report Profiles (Saved Reports)

Saved Reports are a great way to quickly load Report Configuration and save time
on regularly run reports. 

Create New: Will create a New Profile with all of your selected fields saved. e.g. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Report
Will save any changes you make to the profile.
Delete: Will remove the profile.
Clear: Will remove the selected settings of the profile. 

Please reach out to support@getmintent.com or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app, if you require any assistance configuring or interpreting a Content Usage Report.

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