How to Create a Content Usage Report

A Content Usage Report can be easily configured and used to track the progress of your team's and/or organization's content production progress for a selected time period.

To begin, navigate to Reports > Content Usage

Fill out the following fields: 

Report Name: This is the name of the report you want to create.
Report Recipient: The recipient is the email address your report will be sent to. Note: You are currently able to only send a report to one user (e.g. yourself) at a time.
Date Format: You can choose whatever date format you prefer.
From: Select the beginning Target Due Date of Content Items you want to report on.
To: Select the end Target Due Date of Content Items you want to report on.
Organizations: Select which accounts you would like to include in the report.
Workflows: Specify which Workflows you would like included in your report. All Workflows are selected by Default.
Fields: Choose which fields you would like to report on. These fields include significant dates and workflow configurations associated with Content Items e.g. Creation Date, Current Stage Due Date, Stage Assignees
Arrange Columns: Drag and Drop the columns to rearrange them to your preferred order in the .CSV export.
Export Type:
You can choose to run a report on Content Items, Requests or Ideas.

Click "Download Report" after you have selected all of your desired fields and a .CSV export will be emailed to your shortly thereafter. 

Content Usage Report Profiles (Saved Reports)

Create New: Will create a New Profile with all of your selected fields saved. e.g. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Report
Will save any changes you make to the profile.
Delete: Will remove the profile.
Clear: Will remove the selected settings of the profile.

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