Requests are designed to enable team members who are external to the primary production team to submit content requests for inclusion in the production Calendar. For example, a Sales team member submitting a Request for a new piece of collateral to the Marketing team. 

To submit a Request, navigate to the Requests section where you can either click the Create Request Item button or click on a Day in the Calendar, which will be the day you require the Requested Item to be completed i.e. the Target Due Date.

Complete and Save the Creative Brief with all pertinent information. After you've saved the Request, you will be able to upload Attachments, link to external documents and/or add content via the Draft Editor in Collaborate. 

Managing Requests

The  Request Calendar and List views have access to the same Filters and Saved Filters you use in your production Calendar, List and Task views. Use these Filters to organize and sort your Requests by Campaign, Theme or any other relevant Fields associated with your content and included in your Creative Briefs. 

Alternatively, you can use the Search box to find specific Requests for review and potential promotion.

Pushing a Request to Production/Calendar

Designated users can be notified of new Requests via email and/or in app. Note: This must be configured in the user's Notification Preferences.

To push/promote a Request to production, access the Request via the Calendar or List view, click the Change Status button and then click Push Request to Calendar.

Moving a Content Item from Production back to Request 

You can move a Content Item from the active production Calendar back to a Request by clicking the Change Status button and then clicking Move to Request. Note: This will cause any workflow progress to be lost.

Contact or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app if you have any questions or need help setting up your Request process.

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