Organizing content in the Calendar and List Views

The Calendar and List views enable you to view all or a filtered subset of your content in one place. You can create ad hoc or Saved Filters and toggle between these views to review and manage some or all of your colour-coded content. The Filters you set will be clearly displayed below the Calendar name in the top left. Both the Calendar and List views also offer a search box to help quickly find specific Content Items.

Creating Content Items

Click the Create Content Item button or click any Day in the Calendar, which represents the Target Due Date of your item. 

Complete and Save at least the Required Fields (e.g. Title, Content Type, Target Due Date) in the Creative Brief to create your new Item. After you've saved the Idea, you will be able to upload Attachments, link to external documents and/or add content via the Draft Editor in Collaborate. A Workflow will be associated with your new Content Item based on the Content Type selected. You can configure and start the Workflow or Edit the Workflow and then begin creating and/or publishing your piece of content. 

Updating and Managing Content Items

To update a Content Item, click into the Item from the Calendar, List, Task or Notifications view. 

You can update Creative Brief Fields and Workflow stages as creation of the Content Item progresses.  

In the Collaborate section, you can:

  • use the Draft Editor to collaborate on content.

  • upload documents, images or links to external content.

  • upload and markup PDF documents

  • share and send Comments related to the content.

Navigate to the Activity screen to review all activities associated with a Content Item. 

Navigate to the Publish screen to publish content via blog post (Wordpress) or social post (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Note: If the Content Type is Social - Hootsuite and you have a Hootsuite account, you will find a Social Publish section and be able to create your posts here.

Moving through Workflows

Workflow Stages help you stay on track with your Content Items. You can see the current active Stage from within the Creative Brief or access and interact with the full Workflow in the Workflow section. From here you can:

  • configure any stage of the Workflow (add/change due dates or assignees).

  • edit the Workflow, if Stages need to be added, moved or removed.

  • proceed through each Stage (commenting, approval, completion).

  • skip Stages, as required. 


Navigate to Tasks to review, sort and manage those you or your team members created, own, are following or are assigned to. You can use the same ad hoc and Saved Filters here as you do in the Calendar and List views.

Managing Notifications

Each user in Mintent has individual control over the types and frequency of notifications she/he receives.

Your Mintent Inbox

All of your notifications will be located in your inbox. You can access this by clicking your name on the top right of the app and clicking Notifications. The orange bubble beside your name indicates the number of unread notifications in your inbox.

Notifications Preferences

You can update your notifications preferences by clicking Your Name in the top right of the app, clicking Profile Settings and then Notifications Preferences.

By default, you will receive in-app notifications on Workflow Stage assignments, updates and comments, as well as comments made in the Collaborate section on Content Items you own or follow. 

You can add notifications on Creative Brief Field changes, PDF Markup edits, Request submissions and Attachment additions by selecting these in the menu and clicking Save.


If you want to receive email notifications in addition to your Mintent inbox notifications, navigate to the Email Digests section under your Profile Settings. 

Enable Notifications will turn on the email notifications noted in your Notification Preferences, including the default options.

Enable Digest will send you a summary of upcoming and past due items. You can customize when the email is sent and how many days to look ahead and behind at Content Item due dates. 

Visit our Help Center to learn more or reach out to our team via or by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

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