Viewing Your Content Management: Calendar and List View

The calendar is where you can manage all your content and see what’s coming up. The calendar is what you land on when you login to your account. You can review all your calendar items either in the calendar or the list view.  

To access the list view, go to the List menu option and then click the name of your calendar. Use the search on the top right to filter to specific items. 

Creating Your Calendar Items

Click +Create to create calendar items or by clicking anywhere in the calendar. Calendar items are refer to a project or specific content you are working on/planning. 

When creating a new calendar item, you will be required to fill out all the required fields marked by bullet points, as well as a target date.

Once saved, you can go back into the item and choose the workflow and assign stages. 

PRO TIP: To move an item to a different target publish date, you can drag and drop it in the calendar.

Updating Your Calendar Items

To update a calendar item, click into the item from the calendar or list view. 

You can update creative brief fields directly in the calendar item, as well as updating workflow stages.  You can change the type of workflow from the dropdown menu on the top right of the creative brief. 

Use the Draft menu option to add and edit your content. There is a comment area on this page that you can use to provide comments for your team members.

Use the Activity menu option to review all activity on a particular calendar item. 

The Publish menu option to publish your calendar items to a specific integration (i.e. Twitter).

PRO TIP: Check out our article on our PDF Markup feature and learn how to edit PDFs directly in Mintent!

Moving Through Workflow Stages

Workflow stages help you stay on track on a calendar item or project. They appear on the right of the creative brief, and indicate the stages required to complete a calendar item, as well as their due dates. The dates of each stage will appear on the calendar. Each stage can have assignees (this can be set up automatically under settings). 

A matching coloured arrow will indicate the current stage an item is on.

When a stage is approved, you send a notification to the assignees of the next stage that the calendar item is ready and they are up to bat. 

You can skip stages, which will not mark the stage complete, but bypass it. This can be helpful for those ad-hoc moments when a particular stage is not required.


Managing and Filtering Your Calendar Items

Saved Views

You can edit the view of your calendar to by filtering specific content types, campaigns, or any other fields. 

Use the VIEWS option on the top right of the calendar, to access your Saved Views. To create a new Saved View click “+” and then use the filters. Give you view a title and then click Save at the top of the list.

*You can look at the same Saved Views in the calendar or list format. 

My Tasks

Under the List view, you can look at all your tasks that you are either owning, following, or assigned a stage. Use the menu on the right to filter, or use the search bar on the top right. 

Managing Notifications

You have control over the types of notifications you get. 

Your Mintent Inbox

All your notifications will be located in your inbox. You can access this by clicking your name on the top right of the app and clicking Notifications. The orange bubble beside your name indicates the number of unread notifications in your inbox.

Notifications preferences

You can update your notifications preferences by clicking your name on the top right and then clicking Profile Settings, and then going to Notifications Preferences. By default, you will get notifications on stage assignments and workflow stages updates, as well as comments on calendar items you follow or own. 

You can add notifications on field changes, PDF Markup Edits, and Requests under the Notifications Menu.


If you want to receive email notifications in addition to your Mintent inbox notifications, go to the Email Digests menu option under your Profile Settings. 

Enable Notifications will turn on email notifications as noted in your Notification Preferences, including the default options.

Enable Digest will send you a summary of upcoming and past items according to what you set up for the digest. You can customize the hour it’s sent, and how many days to look ahead and behind. 

To learn more, make sure you check out our Help Center

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