Once you have setup the Hootsuite integration, you can schedule posts from within Mintent. 

  1. Create your Content Item as you normally would by clicking a day in the Calendar or clicking Create Content Item. 
  2. Select the content type Social – Hootsuite. This content type will automatically be added to your account when you set up your Hootsuite integration. Click Save.
  3. Fill in the appropriate fields within your Creative Brief. When you’re ready to schedule click the Social Publish menu option. 
  4. From this screen you will be able to select all the social accounts you have in your Hootsuite account.

Please note, due to restrictions within Hootsuite, any Twitter accounts will show up via the account ID.  You will need to check what your Twitter ID in HootSuite to differentiate between them.

Please also note, HootSuite does not currently support publishing to Instagram profiles via this API.

5. Create the content for your social posts, which can be managed and collaborated on via Mintent workflows.

Note: You can only use one image for a post. If you attach multiple images to a Twitter post, for example, it will only use the first image uploaded. 

  • Preview Button: Enables you to preview the scheduled post, which will include a mintent.id Tracked Links for any hyperlinks included in your posts. The click data for these Links will be found under the Performance section for the Content Item. Currently, the preview is only available for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 
  • Gear Icon next to the name: This will take you back to the Hootsuite Integration screen.

6. Click Schedule Message or Schedule All Messages. Once you schedule, you will not be able to edit the messages in Mintent. You will need to go into your Hootsuite account to adjust them, as needed. 

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