Using Mintent Trackable Links is really easy – for a limited time, Mintent Trackable Links are free to use as part of your current subscription. Pricing and costs associated with this feature will be introduced at a later date. Contact us if you want to learn more!

How to Use Mintent Trackable Links

The first step is to create a calendar item. You can follow our guide on creating items here to get started.

Once you have created and saved the item, like workflows, the option to create a trackable link will appear.  

Answer Yes to “Do you want to use Mintent trackable links?” Once selected, a form will drop below. 

Insert the link you want to track, and a default shortened url will be generated, which can be used anywhere. 

In addition, you can choose to have three unique trackable links created to share in up to 3 specific channels.* Once you select your channels for each campaign, trackable links will be generated based on the channels selected. Use these links when posting to those channels to start tracking engagement on your content.

Click Save at the top, and make sure you copy and share those links via those channels you specified. 

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