The Calendar view is where you land when you initially login to Mintent and the default view when you click on Content in the main navigation. It is where you can see all of your content for the current week, month or quarter in one place.

The Calendar view is equipped with simple navigation to easily locate and access Content Items.  

The Calendar Header

Click on the Month and Year (e.g. August 20XX), to easily navigate to different dates through the date picker.

Use the two arrows (highlighted in teal), to go back and forward in weeks or months.

Clicking on Today  will return you to today's date if you are viewing dates in the future or past.

Click on the Day, Week, Month, or 3 Months options to see the calendar and Content Items in a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly view. 

Click here to learn about how you can customize Filters and Colours based on the configuration of your Creative Briefs to organize your Content Items for easy recognition and maximum efficiency.

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