Tracked Links can be customized to use your own branded short domain(s). Custom (white label) domains create a branded experience within your content, posts or off-site for better recognition and recall. You may choose to use a branded shortened domain for your main brand e.g. shortbra.nd or for a specific campaign e.g. Use an existing domain in your portfolio (provided it is not being used to create links elsewhere) or register a new domain to get started. 

NOTE: Domains used for Tracked Links must be exclusive to Tracked Links and not used for any other purpose. 

Follow these steps to add a domain to your account:

  1. Go to Settings > Tracked Links

  2. Click Add Domain

  3. Enter the full domain you want to use.

  4. Mintent support will be in touch with you to finish setting up your domain. 

Domains must be registered, owned and operated by your brand. You will be required to point the Nameservers or CNAME at Mintent's servers via your DNS settings. Please ensure you have the proper permissions before submitting a request to add a domain. 

Nameservers - Best Method
Mintent support will provide you with Nameserver values to configure within your DNS settings. You will need to add these values to your domain host. If you have any trouble adding Nameserver values please contact

Domain Level CNAME - Alternate Method
Branded domains can be configured using a domain level CNAME, however, you must provide your own DNS server (usually bundled with your domain registration) and it must be capable of allowing for a CNAME on the root domain. Not all registrars/DNS service providers allow this type of configuration. Please check with your domain provider. In order to use a CNAME in this fashion, just point your host "@" (domain) at in your DNS settings. No additional steps are required. 

The Tracked Links server DOES NOT support:

301 Redirects
Web-based domain 301 redirects are NOT SUPPORTED, as the domain name will be changed during the redirect.

We strongly recommend you contact support prior to purchasing your domain to ensure you have the right provider / purchase options.

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