Conversion/Goal Links are used to identify when a conversion has happened. A conversion may involve a visitor filling in a form, downloading a document or completing a shopping cart checkout. These are links which, when clicked on or otherwise engaged within a piece of content, represent a goal completion or conversion (e.g. the link behind a Submit button on a form or the link associated with an image loading on a Thank You page following a form submission). Contact if you'd like to discuss where and how to set up Conversion/Goal Links within your web properties. 

  1. Create a Content Item or navigate to an existing item. You can follow our guide on creating items here to get started.

  2. Navigate to the Tracked Links section. 

  3. Select Conversion as the link type. (Click here to learn more about link types.)

  4. Enter a Destination URL to be Tracked (i.e. the link which confirms a Conversion has occurred. This may be the link associated with a Submit button or the link associated with an image loading on a Thank You page.)

  5. Customize the Link Title (Optional, as this title will be automatically populated based on the Title Tag of the Destination URL, if one exists. Note: You will want this title to be unique and recognizable within your Dashboards, so it would make sense to include the word "Conversion or Goal" in this title.)

  6. Select a Domain ( is the default. Click here to learn how to add your own custom branded domain.)

  7. Select a Campaign value to associate with your inks with. (Optional, but recommended as this will enable you to view and compare click data for multiple links/conversion points and Content Items within a Campaign.) 

  8. Customize individual Vanity Paths (Optional. Vanity paths are typically used for easy recognition and recall, but in the case of Conversion Tracked Links they are typically hidden behind images or embedded in HTML. If no Vanity Path is entered a unique random alphanumeric path will be auto-generated. Click here to learn more about Vanity Paths.)

  9. Click Create Links button in the top right hand corner.

  10. Copy your Tracked Link and add it to the Conversion page on your web property. 

If you have any trouble creating Conversion Tracked Links, please contact and we will be happy to help guide you. 

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