Tracked Links are very versatile. You can make changes to Tracked Links after they have been created including editing the Destination URL, Title, Campaign and/or the Channel, if any of these need to be adjusted for any reason.

One specific reason for changing the Destination URL is being able to reuse a Tracked Link associated with a reoccurring campaign, but having it point to a new destination (e.g. new or updated landing page).

  1. Navigate to the Tracked Links section for a chosen Content Item

  2. Click the List toggle button

  3. Click Edit beside the Tracked Link you would like to make changes to

  4. Edit any of the following fields: URL to be Tracked, Title, Channel (Optional Field), Campaign (Optional Field)

  5. Click Save to apply your changes. 

NOTE:  You cannot change the Tracked Link itself or the Link Type once a link has been created. 

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