What are Vanity Paths?

Vanity paths are the typically branded words or phrases following the domain and slash in a URL e.g. https://domain.com/this-is-the-vanity-path. Vanity paths are auto-generated based on the Campaign and Channel values you've assigned in your Creative Briefs, or you can also configure your own unique, branded vanity paths however you see fit.

These unique paths can be used to enhance the recognition and recall of links shared via:

  • a social post (particularly on Instagram feed posts where links currently aren't clickable)

  • on a Web page where the URL is visible, or

  • offline (e.g. on a billboard, in a magazine/tv/radio ad or on product packaging)

The key to determining when a vanity path should be used is the visibility of the link and your desire for it to be easily remembered, so it can be manually typed into a Web browser address bar.

Note: Vanity paths must be unique. If a vanity path has already been used for the domain you selected you will need to modify it to make it unique. 

Reach out to support@gshiftlabs.com if you have any questions about when and how to use this powerful, little feature.

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