Repeating a Content Item can be helpful if you have recurring content you produce on a Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Quarterly basis such as a recurring social/blog post or event.

How to create Repeating Content

Click the Repeat button. This will provide a pop up with the following view. 

Repeats: Choose the frequency you would like the item to repeat: Daily, Weekly,Bi-weekly, Monthly or Quarterly
Repeats Every: Choose the day you would like the Item to repeat on.
Starting On... : When would you like to the Item to start repeating?
Number of Times to Repeat Item: How many times you would like the Item to repeat?

Note: All Creative Brief Field values and attachments will be copied over into the repeated Items. Anything in the Draft Section or associated Workflow dates will not be copied over. 

Contact if you need any help.

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