You can either complete a Content Item by forcing it to be complete (as detailed here) or by completing the Workflow Stages through to the Complete stage.

How to Force Complete

There are two ways to forcibly mark a Content Item as "Complete":

Marking a Content Item complete will skip the Workflow stages of the Item and mark it as Force Completed.

  1. In the List view under Actions button you can click Mark Complete for any selected Content Item.

2.  By clicking the Change Status button within a Content Item

After you click Mark Complete,  click the Yes! Complete it button to confirm you want to proceed.

How to complete Workflows naturally

As a Content Item progresses through each Stage individually, a check mark will appear as each Stage is completed.

When Stages are skipped and the Content Item is Force Completed, the Editorial Calendar will display the Content Item with an orange check mark. Whereas, a Content Item, which goes through the normal approval process in each Stage will display a green check mark.

Orange Check Mark - Force Completed


Green Check Mark - Normally Completed 

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