Calendar items will be coloured according to the field option colours set in the Field Editor.

Calendar Item colours are determined by the Colours button within the Calendar or List views. 

Follow these steps to change the colours of Calendar Items:

  1. Navigate to Calendar, List or Tasks view

  2. Click the Colours button

  3. Choose the Field you would like to use to set the Content Item colours.

Note: The Field you select will be used to determine the Content Item colours. Fields should be populated for all Content Items to get a full visual experience. The Field you select will also display a consistently coloured circle in the Creative Brief to highlight which Field is being used to determine the colour in the Calendar. 

If you want to change the colours for the Fields you can do so within Settings > Fields or Settings > Content Types. 

Reach out to if you need any help setting up your Fields or Content Types for optimal recall.

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