A number of process and UX improvements have been introduced to help increase the usefulness, effectiveness and efficiency of configuring and using Workflows in Mintent.

Multi-Level Parallel Workflows

Parallel Workflows can now be created at multiple levels for those needing to design more complex flows with two different teams (e.g. design and copywriting) working concurrently at different stages within a project.

Moving Between Stages within Parallel Branches

Formerly referred to as "Skip to this Stage", Users are now able to move forward or back between Stages within a parallel workflow branch while bypassing other Stages within the branch. Note: If you move between Stages rather than naturally following the designed flow it is recommended Comments are left as to why the move has occurred for reference by other team members. Also, you will not be able to skip from a Stage outside of a parallel branch to a Stage within a parallel branch as there are too many dependencies in moving from non-parallel to parallel and vice versa.

Option to Display Number of Business Days per Stage and Entire Workflow

In the Workflow Editor Users can choose to have the number of business days per Stage, as well as the total number of days associated with an entire project, clearly displayed in live Workflows for quick and easy reference.

Content Item Creators Workflow Comment Followers by Default

Content Item creators (along with Workflow owners) are now Workflow Comment followers by default in order to ensure all Item creators are kept abreast of any changes or updates on their Item via email and in-app Notifications. They can be removed as followers manually, as needed.

Add Comments to Complete Stage Transition

Users will now have the ability to add Comments to the Complete Stage in a Workflow for reference by other team members. This will be particularly useful to provide reasons or explanations if Workflow Stages have been skipped or not completed.

Display Due Dates in Request Revisions Pop Up

Due Dates and Stage Durations have been added to pop ups when revisions are requested from within Workflow Stages as a quick point of reference for requesters.

Quick Access to Stage Comments

Users can click on the speech bubble icon to the right of the Stage name in live Workflows to quickly see any Comments made on the Stage. Comments can still also be read or created by editing any active Stage or by including them during Stage transitions.

Workflow Start Notification

Users will have the opportunity to opt in to receive email and in-app Notifications on the Start Date of Workflows for which they are the Item Creator and/or Workflow Owner. This feature will help make sure Workflows which have been scheduled to start some time in the future are not missed.

Start Workflow Warning in Creative Brief

A clear warning message will now be displayed in the Creative Brief for any Content Item who's Workflow has not been started.

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