Teams can change within an organization. Your organization may not need a Team which was created a year ago. Instead of deleting the Team and losing any historical information on projects they've worked on, Mintent has an archive feature. This feature gives you the power to archive a Team and hide it from new Users being added or having it added to Workflow templates.

Why you may want to archive a Team?

  • Archiving Teams will prevent new/existing Users from being added to the team.

  • Archiving Teams will keep current Workflow assignments, followers and filters assigned to the teams, thus eliminating the risk of data loss.

Steps to Archive a Team

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users

  2. Navigate to Teams within the Users section

  3. Click on the Actions Button for the Team you would like to archive and click "Move to Archive". Alternatively, click the Team Name and click the switch to toggle the Team to Archive.

Archived Team Displayed

When a Team is archived they have (Archived) appended to their names. This is important, so you can quickly identify Workflow Stages assigned to Archived Teams.

In the Users > Teams section, you can also toggle to see the Archived Teams and choose to toggle it back to Active, if desired.

Need help setting up, using or archiving Teams? Reach out to anytime or click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the app to contact a Mintent rep.

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